The Circle of Wellness Newsletter 12/23

The Circle of Wellness with Diana Monthly Reflections There are plenty of reasons why some people might prefer to hibernate from mid-November through the beginning of January, and one of the biggest reasons is loneliness. Feeling lonely or down around this time of year is common and completely normal. If you’ve ever wondered why the […]

The Circle of Wellness Newsletter 9/23

The Circle of Wellness with Diana Monthly Reflections For better or worse, social media posts about mental health, paired with the ease of consulting “Dr. Google”, are influencing many people to self-diagnose. Not a week goes by without a client mentioning that they’ve seen some post or a video about a mental disorder that matches […]

The Circle of Wellness Newsletter 7/23

The Circle of Wellness with Diana Monthly Reflections When we hear of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), we tend to associate it with Winter Depression. SAD is a type of depression that is generally affected by the time of the year, the light and the weather. The symptoms usually occur during the fall and/or early winter […]

The Circle of Wellness Newsletter 5/23

The Circle of Wellness with Diana Monthly Reflections Summer is a great time to engage into many self-care activities. With long daylight periods and sunny weather, there are more opportunities to spice up your daily routines and enjoy what the season has to offer. Use this self-care checklist to get some ideas for taking care […]

Mindful Pause – How to Live with Ambiguity in Life

In our modern times, anxiety, unfortunately, has become the norm. And oftentimes, if you become more relaxed, it may even feel like you are not “on top” of something or have been negligent about certain responsibilities. Despite the perceived normalcy of anxiety, it is not a natural state of being. Anxiety exaggerates the proportions of […]

You’re Allowed to Leave

I recently came across this wonderful post on The Thought Catalog site. Every word in this writing resonated with my own personal and professional beliefs. I feel it’s worth sharing it here too. The post is written by someone else, and I fully credit that writer, but, as a mental health professional, I embrace fully […]

Ask The Therapist: To Medicate or Not

Q: I don’t like taking any kinds of drugs, including psychotropics, is it always necessary to take medicine for psychiatric conditions or emotional distress?  L., female, 34 year-old A: That’s a great question and the one that’s probably asked the most as it encompasses the biggest fear of many clients “what if I become addicted, […]