About Diana Tumminia

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with “R” psychotherapy privilege – a mental health practitioner licensed to diagnose and treat psychiatric disorders as well as to receive insurance reimbursement for psychotherapeutic interventions in a private practice setting.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Hunter College in New York City in January 2001 and Master’s in Clinical Social Work at Hunter College School of Social Work in May 2003 with a concentration in clinical work with individuals or families. I also hold a post-graduate certification in Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from New York University and utilize CBT interventions for a variety of clinical issues. During my practicum, I worked with a number of diverse populations. I offered counseling services to freshmen students, coordinated and directed interventions to autistic children and adults with developmental disabilities, and provided mental health and case management services to refugees and veterans.

Since August 2003, I have been employed  as a healthcare practitioner at the US Department of Veterans Affairs. I have been providing various mental health, counseling and case management services in different healthcare settings including outpatient primary and specialty clinics care, inpatient medical care, oncology and palliative care, and in the homeless/home-loss prevention program. I have also organized or participated in a number of educational activities related to mental health, caregiver support, palliative care and cancer prevention and served as a liaison between VA setting and multiple government and community resources.


I have been in private practice since 2010 integrating my rich professional and educational experience to offer various psychotherapeutic and psychoeducational interventions to my clients. My goal is to establish a collaborative relationship with the client directed toward their wholeness and personal growth and transformation. I strive to move away from the stigma and labeling that traditional abnormal psychology offers and instead focus on my clients’s strengths and mutually developed goals to help them reach their best potential.

As a practitioner with a long experience in healthcare, in addition to working with common issues of depression, anxiety, self-esteem or relationship problems, I provide medical mental health services: psychotherapeutic interventions offered to individuals dealing with chronic illness, cancer or facing a terminal diagnosis. In addition to that, I offer caregiver or grief and loss support counseling to affected family members.

My approach to therapy is eclectic where I work on implementing a very individualized treatment plan geared to address specific issues of each client. I tend to combine both insight-oriented/psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral interventions during my sessions with clients and provide ample time for relevant psycho-educational activities.

I received certification in MARI assessment in 2010 and integrate my unique specialty as a Certified MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) Practitioner to offer a comprehensive psychological assessment both as a part of my standard evaluation for new psychotherapy clients and as a stand-alone service for clients seeking guidance for a particular issue or a general direction towards a personal transformation.

For clients wishing to work on specific non-clinical issues, I offer Personal Development sessions conducted remotely over the phone or teleconference. It is a convenient way to tap into your challenges and blocks and to turn them into breakthrough conditions in order to see a desired outcome in an area of life where you want to reach your highest  potential.

Professional advancement is always a part of my agenda. I regularly attend various professional seminars and continuing education workshops related to psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral or family therapy current theories and interventions at a number of known mental health schools or professional organizations.

I speak fluent Russian, and both Psychotherapy and Personal Development services are available in either English or Russian, however, a basic knowledge of English is required for the MARI service.

Body-mind-spirit integration is not just the core of my therapeutic interventions but also a foundation of my personal approach to life. I have a strong interest in alternative medicine, healthy eating and lifestyle and enjoy the many cultural activities and dining spots that New York City has to offer.

To read more about each service I provide, please visit their corresponding pages Psychotherapy, MARI Services, Personal Development. If you have any questions about the services, please feel free to use my contact form.